Sample Data Format
 Crime Head-wise Incidence of Cyber Crimes under Information Technology (IT) Act, 2000 in Sangrur District of Punjab
 (In Number) 
 Crime Heads  Sangrur  Bureau of Investigation  Punjab 
 A. Offences under I.T.Act       
 (i) Tampering Computer Source Documents (Sec. 65)       
 (ii) Computer Related Offences       
 Total Computer Related Offences (a+b+c+d+e)       
 a. Computer Related Offences (Sec.66)       
 Offences other than Ransomware       
 b. Dishonestly Receiving Stolen Computer Resource or Communication Device (Sec. 66B)       
 c. Identity Theft (Sec. 66C)       
 d. Cheating by Personation by Using Computer Resource (Sec. 66D)       
 e. Violation of Privacy (Sec. 66E)       
 (iii) Cyber Terrorism (Sec. 66 F)       
 (iv) Publication/Transmission of Obscene/Sexually Explicit Act in Electronic Form (Sec. 67)       
 Total Publication / Transmission of Obscene / Sexually Explicit act in Electronic       
 Publishing or Transmitting Obscene Material in Electronic Form       
 Publishing or Transmitting of Material Containing Sexually Explicit Act in Electronic Form (Sec. 67A)       
 Publishing or transmitting of material depicting children in Sexually explicit act in electronic form (Sec.67B)       
 Preservation and Retention of Information by Intermediaries (Sec. 67C)       
 Other Sections 67 IT Act       
 (v). Interception or Monitoring or Decryption of Information (Sec. 69)       
 (vi) Un-authorized Access/Attempt to Access to Protected Computer System (Sec. 70)       
 (vii) Abetment to Commit Offences (Sec. 84 B)       
 (viii) Attempt to Commit Offences (Sec. 84C)       
 (ix) Other Sections of IT Act        
 Total Offences under I.T. Act (i to ix)       
 B. Offences under IPC (Involving Communication Devices as Medium/Target) r/w IT Act.       
 a. Abetment of Suicide (Online) (Sec.305/306 IPC)       
 b. Cyber Stalking/Bullying of Women/Children (Sec.354D IPC)       
 c. Data Theft (Sec.379 to 381)       
 d. Fraud (Sec.420 r/w Sec.465,468-471 IPC)       
 Total Frauds (Sec.420 r/w Sec.465,468-471 IPC)       
 Credit Card/Debit Card       
 Online Banking Fraud       
 OTP Frauds       
 e. Cheating (Sec.420)       
 f. Forgery (Sec.465, 468 & 471)       
 g. Defamation/Morphing (Sec.469 IPC r/w IPC and Indecent Representation of Women Act)       
 h. Fake Profile (r/w IPC/SLL)       
 i. Counterfeiting       
 Total Counterfeiting       
 Currency (Sec.489A to 489E)       
 Stamps (Sec.255)       
 j. Cyber Blackmailing/Threatening (Sec.506,503,384 IPC r/w IPC/SLL)       
 k. Fake News on Social Media (Sec.505)       
 l. Other Offences (r/w IT Act)       
 Total Offences under IPC r/w IT Act (a to l)       
 C. Offences under SLL (Involving Communication Devices as Medium/Target) r/w IT Act.       
 a. Gambling Act (Online Gambling)       
 b. Lotteries Act (Online Lotteries)       
 c. Copy Right Act, 1957       
 d. Trade Marks Act, 1999       
 e. Other SLL Crimes       
 f. Total Offences under SLL (a to e)       
 Total Cyber Crimes (A+B+C)       
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