District Level Information of Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh)
About Moradabad District (Uttar Pradesh)

Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh is a part of Moradabad division with its administrative headquarters located at the Moradabad city. The Moradabad city is famous as the “brass city or Peetal Nagri” because of its brass handicraft industries. During the Akbar’s regime it was established as an office for the Chaupala pargana. After some years in 1624 A.D. it was captured by Rustam Khan, the then Governor of Sambhal who named it as Rustam Nagar. Again, Rustam Khan set up the city in 1625 A.D. and he named the city after the name of the Prince Murad Baksh, the son of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. A mosque named Jama Masjid was constructed in the place of Moradabad by Rustam Khan for the Mughal Emperor.

Jigar Moradabadi, one of the most famous Urdu poets of the 20th century and a celebrated Urdu ghazal writer was born on 6th April, 1890 in Moradabad. He was honoured by the Sahitya Akadmi Award in 1958 for his highly praised poetry collection "Atish-i-Gul".

Geographically, the district lies at 28083'N latitude, 78078'E longitude and 186 m altitude. In the year 2019, there was a total 0.75% forest area of total geographical area. The district occupies an area of 3,718 sq. km. and it is bounded by Bijnore district and Nainital district on the north, Rampur district on the east, Badaun on the south and the Ganga River forms its natural boundary on the west. During the summer it is extremely hot. Its summer highest day temperature is in between 25°C to 46°C. The actual rainfall in the district was 1166.3 mm in the year of 2018-19.

Administrative wise, the district is divided into 2 sub-divisions Moradabad sub-division and Sambhal sub-division. There are 6 tehsils and 8 blocks in the district. The district has 2 Lok Sabha constituencies namely Moradabad and Sambhal. For election purposes, the district is divided into 7 Vidhan Sabha constituencies.

According to 2011 census the district has a population of 47,72,006 out of which 25,03,186 are males) and 22,68,820 (females). The district has a sex ratio of 906 females for every 1000 males. During the year 2001-2011 the population growth rate in the district was 25.22% were persons including 23.17% were males and 27.56% were females. In the year 2017 the number of live births in the district was 60,694 including 31,123 were males and 29,571 were females. In the same year the number of deaths in the district was 7,357 out of which 3,878 were males and 3,479 were females. As per 2011 census the major religions in the district are Hindu and Muslim with 52.14% and 47.12% of the total population. According to 2011 census the principal language in the district is Hindi with 82.48%.

Moradabad is one of the prominent industrial city and export hubs of India. To some extent the economy of the district is based on agriculture. The core agricultural crops of the district are paddy, wheat, sugarcane and mustard. The city is famous for the Brass Metal Handicrafts and exports. There are many factories of brass metal in the district which exports the brass metal and handicrafts throughout the world. Therefore, Moradabad is popularly known as 'Brass City' or “Peetal Nagri”. In the year 2016-17 the gross domestic product of the district was Rs. 20,61,534 lakh at Current Price and Rs. 16,76,183 lakh at Constant Prices in the year 2011-2012. The Net Domestic Product in the district during the period 2017-18 was Rs. 21,84,974 lakh at Current Price and Rs. 16,90,463 lakh at Constant Prices in the year 2011-2012. The Per Capita Income or NDDP, At Factor Cost in the year 2017-18 was Rs. 61,705 at Current Price and Rs. 47,740 at Constant Prices in the year 2011-2012.

The schools in the district has medium of instructions-English and Hindi and these are affiliated to either of the four bodies-Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E.), Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (C.I.S.C.E), University of Cambridge International Examination and Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad (U.P. Board). The foremost universities in the district are Teerthanker Mahaveer University, IFTM University and Shri Venkateshwara University. As per 2011 census the literacy rate in the district is 56.77% including 64.83% are males and 47.86% are females.

Kumar Sarvesh Kumar Singh also known as Rakesh Singh, the present Member of Parliament (MP) from Moradabad and the member of Bharatiya Janata Party was born on 23 rd December, 1952 in Moradabad. He is the present Maharaja of Saupari estate. He is one of the Bahubali politicians in Uttar Pradesh. He was also elected as a MLA for four times from Thakurdwara constituency and as a MP for one time from Amroha constituency.

During the year 2018, there were 4,69,929 domestic tourists and 1,910 foreign tourists who visited these places of the district. Moradabad district has numerous centres of attraction which allures many travellers from far distance place. Sai Temple is located in Deen Dayal Nagar in Moradabad. This is a temple of Sai Baba and the door of the temple is open for the worshiper of all religion. Raza Library of Moradabad division was built by Nawab Faizullah Khan in the late 18th century. It is considered as the heritage site for Indo-Islamic culture. Vudir Kuti, a place in the district has a mythological touch. Mandawar Ka Mahal is a historical monument built by Queen Victoria in 1850 in Mandawar as a gift to her teacher Munshi Mazahar Ali, who taught her Urdu and Persian language. The district has some important ancient temples also like wise Pataleshwar temple, Lord Shani temple, Sita temple, Kunj Bihari temple, Bade Hanumanji temple, Braham Devji temple, Lord Venu Gopalji temple, Shri Parshvanath Digambar Jain temple and Ramgah Dam. Pilgrims from all over the country come to these temples to offer their prayers.

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